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Earphone Product
"The Quick Release feature worked great with our Hawk Lapel Microphones and was an advantage over other manufacturers with similar products."

~ Don Mazner, Telecommunications Manager I, United States Department of Justice

"I would like to say it is the best buy that I have made in a long time. It gives the clearest reception and transmission. I'm not missing calls anymore and communications can actually understand what I'm saying!"

~ Officer J.D. Walker, Mocksville Police Department
Earphone Product
I just wanted to provide you with the testimonial from a VERY satisfied customer. I have worn an earpiece for many years as a police officer. I have tried your torpedo brand earpiece to be VERY comfortable. So comfortable in fact that today when I was coming off duty, I tugged my ear piece out of my ear, and apparently the torpedo slipped off the tube. I had the torpedo in my ear for THREE HOURS before I accidentally discovered it with a q-tip! I never knew it was there! Its that comfortable. Thank you for making such a great product. I have suffered through hurt ears for years because I refused to use a non-hear-through earpiece. Finaly, a product that doesn't sacrifice functionality for comfort!

~ Officer Casey Doherty, DuBois City Police Department
Earphone Product
FIN EARTIP - Left Ear l Medium 
"I think it's the best ear piece I've worn so far. It fits very well in my ear. It doesn't come off my ear accidentally unless I pull it out. The sound coming into my ear is very crisp and I don't have to turn the volume up too much on my radio to hear the dispatch transmission." ~ Manny Respicio, Patrol, Bike Patrol, Investigative

"I have received my FIN. I have been wearing it since I received it. Finally I have an ear tip that does not hurt my ear. After 12 hour shifts using the FIN no irritation and no need to remove it part way though my shift to let my ear breath. Thank you and I will continue to use your product." ~ Police Officer, City of Neenah, WI

"Just got it in the mail today, and after only a few hours, I ordered 4 for replacements. It is more comfortable than the old ear mold types - y'all did an awesome job, thanks!" ~ Police Officer, River Oaks, TX
Earphone Product
"The Snake Kit worked great for covert surveillance and discreet communication. I was impressed by the conceal-ability of the microphone underneath a t-shirt and the idea of using regular headphones and a speaker. I was amazed by the sensitivity of the microphone to pick up underneath several layers of clothing while officers were whispering. I strongly recommend this system to every Street Crimes, Narcotics, Vice and covert unit out there."

~ Nicholas Schifferle, York County Multi-jurisdictional Drug Enforcement Unit
Earphone Product
"I am exceedingly pleased with the performance of the system. The clarity is excellent in both the earpiece and the microphone. I have found a multitude of applications for the wireless PTT, and expect the list to keep growing."

~ Sgt. William Gabrielski, Bike Unit, Orange County Sheriff's Office

"We were greatly impressed with the wireless technology that the Stingray X1 Microphone and PTT Kit has. While using the wireless PTT, I was able to clear structures with a rifle and communicate with the wireless PTT without removing my hands from the weapon. I also found the earpiece allowed me to use stealth when clearing buildings and answering calls."

~Nicholas Schifferle, York County Multi-jurisdictional Drug Enforcement Unit
Earphone Product
"We were astonished with the Crane Bone Conduction technology's ability to prevent noise from being projected through the speakers. We also liked the ability to utilize the finger PTT, which allows officers to keep their hands on weapons. We greatly favor this system for our sniper teams."

~ Nicholas Schifferle, York County Multi-jurisdictional Drug Enforcement Unit
Earphone Product
"I was able to test and evaluate the Scorpion Wireless PTT Kit while working in a bicycle patrol capacity. During this work shift I responded to a stabbing call in which myself and the other bicycle officer were attempting to locate the suspect. This effort required a significant amount of radio communication. I believe that the Scorpion Kit enhanced my safety and efficiency during this effort because I was able to key up and talk on the radio while in motion without removing my hand from the handlebar.

Overall, I give this system a very positive rating. The wireless key up button was impressive and it was also nice to have a potential key up button on my belt because it gave me another key up option that could be utilized in awkward positions and angles that occur while working on a bike."

~ K. Crabtree, Prescott Police Department
Earphone Product
"During an actual SWAT call out, two members utilized earpieces and PTT switches with great success. The first was the Cobra Throat microphone and earpiece and the other was the Python Boom microphone with large round PTT switch. Both products were easy to use and were quickly attached to our radios. The team members reported that the units worked very well. The price for these items as a kit, seems to be very reasonable in comparison to other products on the market today."

~ Sgt. John Brambila, Prescott Police Department

"I am very happy with the Chameleon's performance. The unit worked flawlessly during covert operations and tactical deployments. I do not think that there is a better system on the market. The unit worked so well that the department purchased for the entire SWAT team."

~ Detective Freddie Peake, Fernandina Beach Police Department
Earphone Product
"Overall the Jaguar Two-Wire kit performed excellently. Most impressive was the increased volume level over the kit that we had been using from another manufacturer."

~ Commander Mark Piccoli, Illinois State Police Executive Protection Unit
Earphone Product
"I really like the gear. The subject cannot hear whats going on, nor can they hear dispatch say they have a warrant on them."

"The Earphone Connection is a must have for all of law enforcement. It is a very useful tool on traffic stops, court rooms, loud noisy areas, really in all aspects of law enforcement duties. I would recommend everyone get this earpiece for duty."

Earphone Product
"The Cobra microphone was comfortable to wear even after several hours. It didn't create any hot spots, created by pressure points on the neck. It didn't interfere with wearing earmuffs, helmet or a gas mask. The transmitted sound clarity was good. It was easy to take on and off and the magnetic clasp didn't break away or come apart when tugged on."

~ Lt. Jamie Hammons, Palmer Police Department


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